Tigers News · Stone Field Covid-19 Precautions

Stone Field Covid-19 Precautions


  1. Attendance
    1. Attendance is capped at 250 to allow for social distancing.
    2. Tickets will be sold at the gate (Ticket Price is $5).
    3. No passes will be accepted.
    4. All in attendance must wear a mask and remain socially distant.


  1. Student-Athletes
    1. Space will be provided outside of the dugout to allow for social distancing.
    2. Team Members and coaches must wear a mask when not involved.


  1. Spectators
    1. All must wear a mask except at the moment when eating or drinking.
    2. If spectators are feeling ill, we ask that they stay at home.
    3. All fans must have a ticket to enter (Preschool age are free)
    4. No passes will be accepted.
    5. Children and students must sit with family members and social distance from other families.
    6. Spectators must leave as soon as the game is over.


  1. Seating
    1. Bleacher space is limited as spectators will need to remain socially distanced in the bleachers.
    2. Spectators are encouraged to bring lawn/bag chairs to increase distance with others.


  1. Concessions
    1. Concessions will be available at the games.
    2. No outside food or drink is allowed into the game by spectators.