Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Moreau Class of 2005

Memorial Athletics Alumni Spotlight

  • MHS Graduation Year: 2005


  • Current Occupation: Optometrist


  • Job Title: Optometrist, Owner of Performance Vision


  • Organization: Performance Vision


  • List of Past Jobs and Internships: None of significance.  I had a few odd jobs through high school and college and then went straight to Optometry school after college and began my career immediately after graduation.


  • Why did you (or your parents) choose Memorial High School:   My parents wanted me to go to a school with strong academics, but still allow me to play soccer.


  • Who influenced you the most during your time at Memorial and why? Definitely Angie Lensing.  She was, and still is, such a great role model and mentor for her students and her players.  She truly cares about each person she comes in contact with.  I think one of the most telling things about her is that almost every single one of her assistant coaches has been a former player of hers (including me).


  • Share your favorite Memorial Memory: This may be kind of an odd memory to be my favorite, but my senior year of soccer we did not start out the season well.  We went up north to play some tough competition like the team always did (and still does) and we didn’t come away with very many wins.  When we got back, Coach Lensing had us do a long run with her.  It was one of her training runs for one of her marathons and it was 10 miles.  It wasn’t really fast paced or a super intense run, it was just long.  And I never knew I could run that far.  It helped establish mental toughness for me.  After that run, we went on a 10 game win streak.  We weren’t the most talented team Memorial has ever had, but we worked hard.  It is something that has always stuck with me.


  • What was the most important thing you learned while at Memorial? The importance of tradition and hard work.


  • What advice do you have for current student-athlete to make the most of their experience at Memorial? Don’t be afraid of failure.  If you’re too afraid to lose, you will never reach your true potential.


  • Describe Memorial in three words? Family, Tradition, Excellence


  • Describe your college and career path? I went to DePauw University, a small Division III college in Greencastle, IN.  I played soccer all 4 years, joined a sorority, and majored in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience.  I also took a number of science classes in order to apply to Optometry school.  While playing a Division III sport was not as glamorous as Division I, it enabled me to play the sport I love and have a well rounded college experience.  I was able to focus on my studies and eventually be accepted to Indiana University’s School of Optometry.  After graduation, I attended IU and earned my Doctor of Optometry degree.  Following graduation from optometry school, my husband and I moved back to Evansville and began practicing.


  • What is greatest professional accomplishment? Most people think that an optometrist just prescribes glasses and contact lenses, but my husband and I specialize in brain injury rehabilitation.  We see concussion and stroke patients and help their recovery through prescribing lenses, prisms, and therapy.  Helping patients get back to playing the sport they love, driving, or eliminating their dizziness and headaches is my greatest professional achievement.


  • How did your education at Memorial prepare you for what you did in college and are doing today? Memorial taught me how to balance academics and athletics, which really helped me when I got to college.  I was able to balance school and soccer, get good grades, and still have a fun college experience.


  • What activities or sports were you involved in at Memorial? I played soccer all 4 years and was involved with Student Council and a number of different clubs.


  • What is something people may not know about you? That I’ve completed the Dopey Challenge.  It’s a running challenge at Disney World that takes place during marathon weekend.  You run a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon in 4 consecutive days.  My husband and I completed it in 2019.


  • Are you married? Have children?  Anything else you would like to share!  I met my husband, Eric, while at Optometry school at IU.  We got married in 2012 while still in school and have 4 kids: Leona (6), Oliver (4), Jackson (1), and Willa (1).  They have grown up with Memorial soccer and are excited to be Tigers one day!