Tigers News · Virtue of the Week: Punctuality

Our virtue this week is PUNCTUALITY – The strength to habitually arrive on time. We never like it when we have to wait around for others. When others are late for us, we really don’t want to wait, do we? So we should learn from that and make every effort to always arrive on time.

Punctuality: 11 Reasons to Always Be on Time

• You show respect for the other people in your life.

• You respect yourself enough to keep your word.

• You prove that you can be trustworthy.

• You are appreciated for being on time.

• You are regarded as a reliable person.

• You are seen as a professional.

• You are taken seriously and on your word.

• You build a strong reputation for your character.

• You open doors and attract more opportunities to yourself.

• You eliminate stress from your life by removing the anxiety of being late.

• You do the right thing and feel good about it.


Make your best effort to always arrive on time to everything you have to do this week.


Lord, thank You for the gift and the blessing to be a part of this team. There are so many who do not feel like they belong to anything in this world. Console them and teach us to always appreciate every member of our team and family. May we show that appreciation by always being PUNCTUAL.

Virtue = Strength,
Lou Judd